So, you want to build a deck. You may already have a clear idea of what you want, or you may still be in the initial planning phases of your project. Either way, our deck planning page is full of helpful information to guide you on your way. In an effort to keep things simple we are only covering the most commonly used options here, but if you’ve got something else in mind please let us know; we would love to bring your vision to fruition.

There are five steps to the deck design process. Below is a breakdown of options to consider in each category.

1. Layout

Be sure to consider intended use of the space when deciding on a layout. Will you be incorporating an outdoor kitchen, furniture, and/or a pool or hot tub? Even if you will not be adding these options until a later date make sure to consider them when deciding on layout. Layout considerations include:

  • Size of deck
  • Shape of deck
  • Number of tiers
  • Stair layout (location on deck, width of stairs, direction of exit to yard, landings, connection of tiers, specialty stair shapes)

Keep in mind that while it is a good idea to have some general layout ideas in mind before meeting with Jim, considerations such as yard condition and building code requirements may make adjustments necessary to ensure that your deck is the best that it can be.

2. Decking Materials

Be sure to consider time and cost of deck maintenance into your decking material selection. Material options include:

  • Treated lumber (lower initial cost, high maintenance)
  • Composite (higher initial cost, low maintenance)

3. Railing Materials

If your deck is over 30″ off the ground a rail system is required. If your deck is less than 30″ high a rail system can still be used, but is not required by the building code.

Best options for treated lumber decks:

  • Treated lumber rails with treated lumber balusters
  • Treated lumber rails with round aluminum balusters (aluminum balusters available in black or white)
  • Treated lumber and cable rail system

Best options for composite decks:

  • Composite rails with round or square aluminum balusters
  • Composite rails with square composite balusters
  • Composite rails with glass panels
  • Cocktail rail (add-on to any composite rail system above)
  • Aluminum rails and balusters
  • Aluminum rails and rods

4. Extras

Extra options increase the price of a deck, sometimes significantly. But these options will really set your space apart. Options include, but are not limited to:

  • Lighting
  • Skirting
  • Staining (Deck and rails on wood decks and/or support structure on any deck)
  • Post wraps
  • Under deck finishing
  • Stone accents
  • Brick accents
  • Pergolas
  • Gazebos
  • Benches
  • Planters
  • Screened areas
  • Outdoor kitchen

5. Colors for Composite Decks

There are many companies that produce composite decking and rail systems. While we are willing and able to install any brand of decking that you choose we highly recommend Trex products.

One of the great things about Trex decking products is that there are so many great color options that can be combined in any way you choose. Below is a breakdown of all of the different components involved in a standard Trex deck build. You can choose as many different colors for the different components as you would like.

Below are color options offered by Trex. We recommend using either the Transcend or Select line.

  • Trex Transcend decking (best)
    • Havana Gold
    • Island Mist
    • Lava Rock
    • Spiced Rum
    • Tiki Torch
    • Fire Pit
    • Gravel Path
    • Rope Swing
    • Tree House
    • Vintage Lantern
  • Trex Select decking (good)
    • Madeira
    • Pebble Grey
    • Saddle
    • Winchester Grey
    • Woodland Brown
  • Trex Transcend composite rail system
    • Charcoal Black
    • Classic White
    • Fire Pit
    • Gravel Path
    • Rope Swing
    • Tree House
    • Vintage Lantern
  • Trex Signature aluminum railings and balusters
    • Charcoal Black
    • Classic White
    • Bronze

We hope this guide has been helpful. We can’t wait to begin working with you to make your dream deck a reality! Schedule your FREE in-home consultation today!